For Canoes and Kayaks


12 oz ARK Epoxy Resin

2 Kevlar Felt skid plates

Gloves, Sandpaper Brushes, mixing containers & sticks



Turn the Canoe upside down and support it at a comfortable working height. Locate both Kevlar strips on the centerline of the Canoe with the narrow part toward the ends of the Canoe and about 6” up from the waterline, mark around the edges and put them aside. Sand inside the marked area, wipe with water to remove dust. Mask around the marked areas leaving about a ¼” gap, cover with plastic and tape around the work area to protect the canoe from drips.


The Skid plates will be yellow when wet out with epoxy, to match your boat color add maximum 5% ARK Universal Pigment, (4ml per 140ml) to mixed Epoxy. Do not use Gelcoat pigments.


Pour 80cc Ark resin into a mixing container add 40cc Ark hardener on top, mix thoroughly. Brush a thin layer onto the masked off area, place one of the skid plates on the wet resin, position and smooth using gloved hands or a spreader being careful not to overlap the masking tape. Use a brush to work all the remaining mixed epoxy into the Kevlar. Repeat for the other piece of Kevlar.

IMPORTANT: The resin should start to feel tacky to the touch in 1 to 2 hours. Use a knife to lightly score the masking tape at a right angle to the Kevlar, carefully peel the tape pulling away from the skid plate. If you allow the Epoxy to cure hard before removing the tape you will have to sand the tape off.


The surface of the Skid Plate will be very rough when cured hard. You can leave it rough or for a smother surface mask as before, sand to take off the pointy bits, do not try to sand completely smooth at this point. Mix 20cc resin and 10cc hardener, brush a thin coat onto the sanded skid plates. When the resin becomes tacky mix and apply a second coat of epoxy. Remove tape within 2 hours. You can either leave this as the final finish, or sand and paint to color of your choice.