Unwaxed laminateing resin

500 ml /Pint, 1L/Quart, 4L/Gallon,  20L/5G

Waxed sandable resin

500 ml /Pint, 1L/Quart, 4L/Gallon,  20L/5G


Fiberglass (Polyester) Resin


Use with fiberglass fabric to make original parts in a mould or with mat or cloth over fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete. Polyester resin must always be used with fabric or fillers, it will crack if used alone as a coating.

Clean and degrease/dewax surface with Acetone. Do not apply over Epoxy, Paint, Varnish, Styrofoam, test other surfaces. Clean brushes and tools with acetone.

Add ¾ % MEKP Hardener (6 drops per oz.) above 25C/80F, 1.5 % (10 drops per oz.) below 15C/60F, to volume of resin you can use within 10 to 15 minutes. Working time 15 to 20 min.

Sandable in 3 to 4 Hrs, longer below 15C, do not use below 8C. Unused catalyzed resin may start to get hot within 20 to 30 min, keep container on a heat resistant surface.

Use unwaxed resin for application of multiple layers of fiberglass. Gelcoat or more resin can be applied over cured unwaxed resin without sanding.

Use waxed (add 5% Styrene wax/Air Dry to unwaxed resin) resin for final coats. Sand and clean with Acetone before recoating.