Ark Epoxy Pumps

2:1 ratio epoxy pumps


Hold pump with the BLUE DOT (RESIN) by the nut below pump head, turn head counter clockwise until it pops up.

Push the longer extension tube into the bottom of the pump. Place the assembled pump against the side of the Resin container to check proper length, bottom of the tube should be about 9mm from the bottom of the container. Screw the pump assembly onto the Resin container.

Extension tubes are pre-cut to fit the 1.5 G Kit, for smaller Kits cut the end of the tube at an angle about 9 mm from the bottom of the container.

Repeat above with the with the RED DOT (HARDENER) pump. Snap the enclosed restrictor clip, large side up onto the shaft below the head.


Depress pumps several times until you get a steady stream. Discard this mixture. Use only full pump strokes, improper mix, either too much or too little will result in improper cure. When dispensing more than 1.5 oz at a time repeat one resin, one hardener instead of trying to keep track of ??? shots of resin and hardener. Mix thoroughly scraping sides and bottom of container before using.

The resin pump will now dispense 1 oz/30cc when fully depressed, the Hardener pump ½ oz./15cc. ONE stroke on each pump will produce the right stuff, 1.5 oz/ 45cc.

At low temperatures, viscosity increases, and could cause pump breakage from having to press to hard or produce an incorrect ratio. Keep the Epoxy at room temperature until you are going to use it.


Leave the pumps mounted on the containers for storage, cleaning with solvent could damage the pump seals resulting in incorrect mix. After long term storage do a sample batch or measure with graduated containers to check ratio before using on a project.

Store at room temperature, keep upright and off of concrete floors. Do not freeze.